Dr. Sunil Ramlall and his team are experts in HR and organizational management.  Through rigorous education, experience teaching in the field, and consulting with numerous companies, they will provide the most relevant consulting services designed and proven to create sustainable value.

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Strategic HRM Consulting, LLC.

Workforce Training - Need to develop workforce expertise?  Invest in your employees.  Develop their skills.  Enhance employees capability.  We will collaborate to develop employees' competencies to drive business performance.

Using custom content developed to meet your specific needs and our utilizing portfolio of development experiences that combine theory (new ideas), illustration (cases of companies applying the ideas), and application (tools to personalize the ideas), each program is based on a proven process that gives participants the understanding, tools, and commitment you need to align your actions with your firm’s overall strategy and develop the required competency to drive business performance. ​

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HR Strategies - Through research, best practices, and deep understanding of the field, you will be guided in the process to align your HR practices to business outcomes, design an HR organization that delivers value, and develop your employees' competencies to be able to create sustainable competitive advantages.  Sunil Ramlall and Associates will partner with you on:

Strategic HR Planning ¦ HR Metrics ¦ HR and Workforce Training ¦ Employee Opinion Surveys ¦ Executive Coaching ¦ OD Interventions ¦ HR Staffing ¦ Facilitating Strategic Business Planning ¦ and more. ​